Furniture Refinishing: How to Restore Old Wooden Pieces

There are many benefits to starting a furniture refinishing company: you can make a comfortable living working at home, in your own time, eliminating the commuting cost of moving into an office. You will be building a customer base consisting of people who enjoy antique furniture and are ready to pay higher costs for custom refinish. You may also find that you have a true passion for furniture and be able to provide truly unique furniture designs. And finally, refinishing furniture adds value to your home. Just think of all those furniture pieces you know that have been around for a long time – surely some of those have seen better days.

Furniture Refinishing starts with removing existing furnishings, either because the furniture has been damaged and cannot be restored or it is part of a historical collection that cannot be used again. Some furniture can be refinished but not all. It depends on the nature of the pieces and how they are cared for and restored. In order to remove the old finish, furniture refinishing involves stripping the old varnish away, then cleaning, polishing, and using protective coatings if necessary. Refinishing also involves reupholstering and repainting.

You can find furniture refinishing businesses in most cities and many websites offer discounts and specials to encourage people to take their furniture to them. It’s important to understand the different methods involved and know which one is best for you. First of all, in furniture refinished paint, there are three coats of a clear coat. The color is opaque and you can expect to pay between seventy-five dollars and one hundred dollars for this job.

If you want to start a furniture repair and refinishing business, you’ll need at least a few hundred dollars to get started. This will include the cost of the tools you’ll need as well as the materials and products to use. You will also need a working automobile so that you can pick up your tools and go to the job site. There are many wood refinishing company that specialize in furniture refurbishing and repairs that you can contact to get started.

Before you start a refinishing business, it’s a good idea to find out if you can get the original pieces from the garage sale or another source. If this is possible, then you can make them into new furniture pieces without paying anything. You could even try to sell them to friends, family, or antique collectors for a small profit. If you are able to find pieces from the past that are still in good shape, you could even repair them and turn them into new antiques that would increase the value of your store.

The furniture pieces that you refinish will be restored and re-upholstered with a stain that matches the wood underneath. A top coat of polyurethane will help protect the wood and give it a smooth feel. To get a professional finish, you should choose a professional finisher who has experience in wood restoration. This is also a great way to build up your customer base since anyone who sees your beautiful new furniture pieces will want to know how it was restored.