Bathroom Remodeling: Options for Shower Remodeling

It’s very common to want to do some shower remodeling in Los Angeles. The L.A. River is an ideal setting for kayaking and tubing. The Westside L.A. offers beautiful scenery, access to numerous recreation options and shopping for anything you want. If you are looking to redo your shower, the first thing you need to consider is the size and style of the shower stall that will fit into your bathroom.

There are many different types of shower remodeling available, including: walk-ins, deck-mounted, freestanding, shower enclosures, shower trays, vanity units, shower curtains, tub surrounds, natural stone, porcelain, and fiberglass tubs. For the most affordable shower remodeling, price ranges from $ 800 to more than five thousand for a small shower stall and more than eight thousand for a new acrylic liner or custom molded fiberglass tub. Luxury master bathrooms may cost even more: refurbishing a walk in shower and separate bathtub costs between ten thousand and thirty thousand. These prices can depend on the contractor and material suppliers as well as the size of the structure and whether the bathroom is enclosed or not.

Another option for shower remodeling in Los Angeles is a do-it-yourself shower pan installation. A DIY shower pan is cheaper than purchasing a new one and can save you up to three times the cost. A contractor would need to dismantle and assemble the shower pan, then install it. If the bathroom isn’t already finished, it could potentially take a day or longer, as well as disrupting traffic in the home. A DIY project also requires the builder to be skilled at carpentry or have a partner who is.

A final option for the master bathroom remodel is to completely replace the existing flooring. In some cases, this can be done by a specialist contractor. For other master bathroom remodeling projects, such as a new tub or a built-in seating arrangement, it’s possible to install new flooring by yourself. This can be especially helpful for those with old tile and laminate floors that are in desperate need of replacement. New flooring can improve the appearance of the room while adding value to your home. Contractors will often charge more to install the new floors than they would to install the new fixtures, but a do-it-yourselfer can save a significant amount of money.

Although there are many things to consider when doing a bathroom remodel, perhaps the most important factor is choosing the right contractor. Before choosing a contractor, check the Better Business Bureau or visit websites that review local contractors. When interviewing contractors, ask about their track record and references from previous jobs. It’s also a good idea to ask about the methods they use for shower remodeling. Los Angeles bathroom remodeling company may use an artistic approach that does not involve the traditional tools and supplies most homeowners are familiar with.

When selecting tiles for showers, homeowners should stay away from acrylic and porcelain tiles. These materials require high maintenance and are difficult to keep clean. In addition, porcelain and acrylic tiles are not the best choices for shower walls, which should be covered with tiles made from a high-quality resins, such as Ahrens Resin.