A Bathtub Replacement Can Transform Your Bathroom For Less

Installing a bathtub in an existing bathtub area doubles installation costs significantly. Both bathroom remodel contractors and plumbers install bathtub installations. A basic bathtub replacement usually takes 1 day to finish. Tile surround and bathtub replacement usually takes 3 days to install. Often times the bathtub replacement incorporates some features of both installation styles. Many bathtub replacement remodels also incorporate bathtub replacement ideas that have been proven to be cost effective.

Many bathroom remodeling contractors and plumbers will offer simple bathtub replacement ideas to help save time and money. A popular choice is a simple enclosed bathtub replacement. This installation does not require any grout lines to be installed, and it also provides protection against sewer backups. However, an enclosed bathtub replacement installation is the most expensive of bathtub replacement ideas, and it has the potential for clogging or backing up of waste pipes. In a small bathroom, enclosing the bathtub is not feasible.

A less expensive bathtub replacement idea that involves less work includes changing the existing plumbing. For example, many plumbing companies that sell bathroom sinks will also sell an “instant” waterproofing product to install bathtub replacement tub drains in about 60 seconds. The plumbing used to install bathtub drains is typically cast iron tubs with non-metallic stem caps. These tubs can crack or warp over time, and the cast iron makes them more susceptible to water damage from freeze/thaw cycles. Some homeowners have turned to using PVC pipe (or, more commonly, copper) to install their bathtub drain lines. Though PVC pipes have the advantage of not cracking, they are more expensive than iron pipes because they require a larger diameter.

If the bathtub drain line is not in good condition, it will eventually lead to a clog. In fact, a bathtub drain line that is completely clogged will need to be replaced, whether or not you are having a bath or shower in your home. If your bathtub is brand new and the plumbing company did a good job installing it, you do not need to replace the entire line. You just need to replace a section of it.

On average, bathtub replacement contractors charge about $500 to install the basic unit, including the bathtub drain and the tile or liner under it. Some estimates offered online show an average cost of approximately $750 to install the tile and liner, including the labor for putting it all together. Obviously, the total installation cost will depend on your materials, the complexity of the project, and your skill level. It will also depend on the size, and brand of your bathtub, as well as your tile choice.

Once your bathtub replacement is installed, you will never have to replace the bathtub again. This will give you peace of mind, since you will not have to worry about water damage to your house. If you decide to sell your home within the next five years, the bathtub will be long lastingly noticeable and may increase the value significantly. Even after being in your home for over fifty years, bathtub and tile surround are still attractive and can easily add value to your home. If you are ready to give your bathtub a makeover, call a professional plumber today.